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The refinement of the global automotive mold is an inevitable trend

At present, the global auto industry presents the development trend of nine mold, namely: stamping process imitation (CAE) effect is more prominent, the three-dimensional mold planning position to consolidate, skill has become the mainstream direction of digital die, mold processing automation, rapid development of high strength steel plate stamping skills is the future development direction, new commodity mould, timely launch die materials and surface treatment skills will be reuse, for scientific and information manufacture fine is the direction of development, mold tooling company is an inevitable trend.

The process of stamping (CAE) is becoming more and more important

Over the years, with the rapid development of computer software and hardware, the stamping process simulation skills (CAE) have been playing an increasingly important role. In developed countries the United States, Japan, Germany, CAE skills has become a necessary part of mold production planning process, widely used for speculation forming defects, optimize stamping skills and mold structure, mold reliability forward planning, reduce the trial time.

Many domestic car mold companies also made remarkable progress in the use of CAE, and achieved outstanding role. The use of CAE skills can greatly reduce the cost of mold testing, shorten the development cycle of stamping die, has become the primary tool to ensure the quality of the mold. CAE skills are gradually transforming mold planning from experience planning to scientific planning.

The three-dimensional planning position of the mold is stable

The three-dimensional planning of mold is the primary content of digital mold skills, and it is the basis for the integration of mold planning, production and inspection. Japan TOYOTA, general motors and other companies have completed the three-dimensional mold planning, and has achieved outstanding use. Abroad in the mold three dimensional planning to take some practice, it is worth learning. In addition to mold three-dimensional planning to complete the integration of production, another advantage is easy and can be examined, and motion analysis, processing a two-dimensional problem in planning.

Digital mold skills have become mainstream

The rapid development of digital tooling skills over the years is an effective way to deal with many of the problems faced in the development of car mold. The so-called digital mold skills, that is, computer skills or computer aided skills (CAX) in the planning process of mold production.

To sum up the successful experiences of computer aided skills in car mould companies both at home and abroad, the digital car mould skills mainly include the following aspects:

DFM can be considered and analyzed in planning to ensure the success of skills.

Auxiliary skills for mold surface planning, and develop intelligent surface planning skills.

CAE assists in analyzing and simulating the process of stamping forming, and guessing and dealing with the shortcomings and forming doubts that may arise.

Using three-dimensional mold structure planning instead of traditional two-dimensional planning.

Mould making process selects CAPP, CAM and CAT skills.

In the digital processing skills under the guidance of mode test process and stamping production in doubt.

The initiative of die processing is carried out rapidly

Leading processing skills and equipment are the primary basis for advancing productivity and ensuring quality of goods. In the leading car mold company, equipped with dual worktable CNC machine tools, automatic tool changer (ATC), active processing of photoelectric control system, workpiece online measurement system is not uncommon. NC machining has been carried out from simple surface processing to the machining of the surface and the structural surface. It has been developed from middle and low speed to high speed machining, and the processing initiative has been carried out very quickly.

High strength steel stamping skills are the future direction

Because of the high strength steel yield strength and strain hardening, strain distribution and collision energy absorption etc. to have excellent characteristics, usage in cars continued to add. Now, the use of high strength steel on car stamping parts, mainly paint, hardened steel (BH steel), dual phase steel (DP steel), phase change induction plastic steel (TRIP steel), etc.. The world of ultra light body project (ULSAB) leading concept car launched in 97% (ULSAB-AVC) materials for high strength steel, high strength steel in the leading vehicle timber will exceed the proportion of 60%, while the dual phase steel share will account for 74% of vehicle plate. Today, many choose to IF steel mild steel, high strength steel series series will be replaced, high strength low alloy steel will be dual phase steel and ultra high strength steel instead of.

Today I recommend: "when I make a fortune in the mold, I will divorce you.""

Now, the use of domestic car parts of high strength steel is limited to structure and beam parts, the materials used in the tensile strength of 500MPa, therefore, agile grasp of high strength steel stamping skills is an important question to be solved urgently China car mold occupation.

New mold goods timely launch

With the development of efficient and active production of car stamping, progressive die will be widely used in the production of car stamping parts. The stamping parts with complicated shapes, especially some small and medium type irregular pressing parts according to the traditional technical requirements and multiple stamping dies, are continuously selected.

Progressive die is a kind of high and new technology mould commodity, which has great technical difficulty, high production precision request and long production cycle. Multi position progressive die will be one of the most important commodity in china.